Upcoming on Sunday, 10/7

This Sunday is World Communion Sunday! Each time we celebrate communion, we remember that we are part of a global church, gathered from every time and place before God. But, once a year, we lift up that global context for special attention. On Sunday, I’m going to be talking about Christian discipleship as a habit of taking the “long route.” We forego the kinds of short-cuts in our lives that would impatiently impose our will and force things to work as we would have them work. Instead, we choose the slower, more patient way, acknowledging that we aren’t always in control; that we live our best lives in company with others, and that living with them means adjusting to their needs, even if that slows us down.
                I believe that the habit of taking the “long route” not only makes our lives fuller and more enjoyable—it can also help communities and societies flourish in a globally interconnected world in which no one succeeds without attending to the interests and concerns of others. The Christian habit of taking the long route, in other words, can contribute to global peacemaking. It’s how we can keep our relationships strong, both in our own community and around the world.

                I hope to see you Sunday!
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