Upcoming on Sunday, 10/14

I was always taught that Sunday is a day of rest. It is hardly that anymore, for many of us, but God’s expectation that we experience rest has not changed. But what is “rest?” We often think of it simply as doing nothing or at least avoiding a lot things. This Sunday, focusing on Hebrews chapter four, I’m going to suggest something different: rest isn’t the interruption of our busy lives–it is the best and most important thing in our lives. Rest doesn’t mean inactivity–rather, it means being secure in the grace and love of God. Here’s a snippet from my upcoming sermon:

“Rest itself is our highest and best productivity. It is when we are free to be creative, free to love where we are and who we are because we are not captive to drudgery, not beholden to schedules and demands. Rest, in the Bible, is the principal model for justice; rest is equality; rest is peace. Rest is resisting the brutal and relentless meritocracy of our culture and refusing to subject ourselves or others to it. So that we can simply enjoy each other and ourselves as well.”

Hope to see you in church!

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